Methisoprinol / Isoprinosine® / Inosine pranobex and HPV (human papillomavirus) infection / genital warts treatment

  • “Regression of HPV-associated diseases with significantly decreased degree of patients complains and remaining lesions, as well as elimination of viral particles were demonstrated after treatment with combined mode of isoprinosine in comparison with both routine treatments and Isoprinosine mono-treatment options. Antiviral effects of isoprinosine can be related with activation of lymphocytes subsets, are responsible for the host antiviral defense, and synergistic action of different treatment modalities of HPV.”
    Eliseeva M.Yu., Manukhin I.B., Mynbaev O.A., Zvereva N.S., Mishutina A.A., Tcarev V.N. Antiviral effect of isoprinosine in HPV-associated diseases Journal “Obstetrics and Gynecology”, No2/2012
  • “Clinical studies to date involving the use of isoprinosine alone or in combination appear to have established the role of this safe and easily administered oral drug in increasing the chances of total eradication of condylomatous lesions and sparing a high percentage of patients from having to undergo repeated and more traumatic therapies.”
    O’Neill BB, Robins DS. Isoprinosine in the treatment of genital warts. Cancer Detect Prev. 1988;12(1-6):497-501.
  • “Although more patients given inosine pranobex improved than those given placebo, the difference in general response between the two groups was not significant. When other variables (numbers of warts and extent of lesions) were considered, however, the patients given inosine pranobex fared significantly better. These results suggest that inosine pranobex may be worth considering as adjunct to treatment of patients with refractory genital warts.”
    Davidson-Parker J, Dinsmore W, Khan M H, Hicks D A, Morris C A, Morris D F Immunotherapy of genital warts with inosine pranobex and conventional treatment: double blind placebo controlled study. Genitourin Med. 1988 December; 64(6): 383–386.
  • “Inosine pranobex was found to be more effective in lesions of longer duration, whereas conventional treatment was more effective in genital warts of a shorter duration. Supplementation of conventional treatment with inosine pranobex increased the success rate from 41% to 94%. Immunological studies in 134 patients with genital warts showed an increased number of B cells in 21% of peripheral blood samples.”
    Mohanty K C and Scott C S Immunotherapy of genital warts with inosine pranobex (Imunovir): preliminary study. Genitourin Med. 1986 October; 62(5): 352–355.